Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Verge

So technically I can't say anything bad about said employer but anyone who has or currently works there can relate. So I started job with said employer 3 days ago, after a disappointing few days with Bannock County, but, chin-up, things will get better. BAck to my story... so today we had a visitor from the sales guy who happens to be and ex's brother (long story) when he realizes who I am he relates one of the worst mistakes I have ever made in my life. Let's rewind to the summer of 2003. I was "Taking off all my clothes" because I was "in da Club" living it up. I was dating a really nice guy that was in love with me. I had always had a 1 date rule (any guy that had the guts to ask me on a date, I would go ... whether I was dating anyone or not..) So I'm dating Mr. Nice and I started a temp job and met Mr. Perfect turned Mr Crazy (Jason for short;). I failed to tell Mr. Nice that I was going on a date with Jason and while on the date Jason told me that he was from Blackfoot. I know one family from Blackfoot, but they were older and had kids and there was no way that he would have known them... WRONG! The next day Jason went to his sister's house and told them all about the girl that he went on a date with. She is from Grace and lives at the Village (good times) and was perfect. Well... Mr. Nice's brother happens to be married to Jason's sister... oops! So they proceed to tell Jason that Mr. Nice's girlfriend is named Krystal, lives at the Village and is from Grace. Yeah, so I got caught. As the story goes I chose the wrong guy, he was ha horrible husband and I should have known, but such is life, he was a great guy and I'll never forget him and the kindness and mercy he showed me, thanks to his brother, neither will anyone else:)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Starting up again - the musings of the unemployed

I'm pretty bummed that Facebook doesn't really do a good job of allowing the bloggers to express themselves in a productive way (makes me ALMOST miss MySpace :*) So I have recently found myself atop a huge mountain that I've been climbing for 8 years. I just graduated from college! I was so excited and then.... I looked around and I was right beck where I started 8 years ago except this time I'm NOT getting the good jobs and it makes be skeptical that I will even get a job at Convergys. I am having a really hard time with the student loan bills coming and NOTHING to show for it! There is no December commencement at ISU and I haven't gotten my diploma yet. So thanks ISU, for NOTHING!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I need a happy place!

I Need a Happy Place
So... it was one of those mornings. Keleb woke up at quarter-to-6. I finally got him to eat and I fell asleep and Brooklyn came in and asked me if it was cold outside, then I fell back asleep, just then my mom called. So I get off the phone with Mom and I figure I should really get up and get in the shower. Rewind this week. Monday: I saw as Private practice and a kid had measles and died from it, the next day Brooklyn gets crazy little bumps all ofer the bottom part of her face... ahh! She has measles! No... she doesn't but we took her in and she has 5th's Disease. Not a biggie, but a little scary for mom and dad... so then I have a HUGE presentation on Wednesday and I'm working my ass off on it! I have NO time to hang out with my kiddos:(. In the meantime Kaleb gets this crazy rash on his bum and he still has whatever he has all over his face. So I took him to the doctor on Wednesday for his check-up. He's almost 16 lbs.. CHUNCKY!! He has some crazy something all over his face (we haven't quite figured out what it is, bad cradle cap, some fungal infection on his butt and on top of everything... and ear infection... my poor baby! So jump tp today... i decided I should start with Kaleb and smother him in his perscriptions (oh and he got shots yesterday) give him the stuff for the ear infection, wash the cradlecap stuff off and get him dressed. So I got him out of the tub and I was snuggling with him and he peed on me... nice. So while I'm getting him dunked back in the tub Brooklyn comes in with gum ion her hair... WTF? Why does she have gum in her hair at 8 in the morning? I get Kaleb put back together and smother him in his ointment concoction and then I get Brooklyn ready.. I run another bath while I have a gob of peanut butter in her hair. I get the gum out get her in and out of the tub and them Kaleb pukes all over himself... AHH. BAck in the tub goes Kaleb. Then Brooklyn comes in with 3 huge slivers in her hand. This is awesome.... I finally get them to daycare, clean and sliver, puke, poop, peanut butter and gum -free! VICTORY!!! To make my stress-level even better Matt's Birthday is Saturday (only the 2nd time we have left Kaleb anywhere overnight) and Brooklyn's birthday is Tuesday.. this will be the first time that we have had a party with her friends! STRESSFUL! Hannah Montana here we come!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


At approx. 22 hundred hours (10pm) I was driving south bound down Poleline road when a blue impala didn't stop at the stop sign and pulled right out in front of me. I had just been enjoying a relaxing evening with my BFF at Wal-Mart (AKA Hell) and was driving home when I came in contact with this mysterious vehicled. She pulled out in front of me and I slammed on the breaks and she stayed in the middle of the road and didn't move... WTF? We get the the eldrege light and she stopped at the green light... interesting thought I. By the time we were about to turn into my road she was swerving and going 20mph then speeding up to 50mph. For those of you who know where I live you know that's really not that far to make this assesment. So by this time we were pretty sure that she was drunk. Val and I decided to follow her while I called the Pocatello Police. I gave them a description and license plate #. I followed her through nearly running red lights, stopping at green ones. Never using a turn signal and weaving across 2-3 lanes of traffic. We really wanted to see her get arrested so we kept following her until the road splits into 4th and 5th. She is in the right lane and goes clear across the lanes and turns left. We lost her because we couldn't stop as irrationally as she did. We went up a few blocks and turned around to go back home and hopefully find her. As we were about to give up hope we looked at the Police Department/City hall/liquor store parking lot. IT was all but abandoned except for...... THE BLUE IMPALA! I could not beleive it. The woman exited the car and stumbled toward the liquor store (which was long since closed) she looked through the window, pulled on the door walked to the other window, looked in, pulled on the door again... are you kidding me? By this time we cannot beleive that a drunk driver decides to get MORE booze RIGHT next to the cop shop... SERIOUSLY???? So I immediately call dispatch again and tell them that the drunk driver that I had called in on was now trying to satisfy her need for more drunkeness and break into the liquor store.... I was laughing so hard. She got back into her car just in time for the police to show up... We cirlcled the block for a good 20 minutes and watched the whole ordeal. By the time it was over the drunken-breaking-into-the-liquor-stroe-at-the-cop-shop woman had been detained and 2 other officers were at the scene. It was AWESOME!!! I feel like Val and I really did our civic duty. Citizens of Pocatello, you may rest in peace knowing that there is one less drunk driver on the road!!!

53 cents... WTF?

Originally posted March 31, 2009

This morning I went to MCDonalds to get my morning heart attack and Orange juice. I ordered a #3 (Bacon egg and cheese biscuit meal) The sign says $3.89. So I ordered it and she said... "That will be $4.66 at the next window" "What" I thought. It should be just over $4. I pulled out my phone and figured it out. Even if you round the tax to .24 I over paid by 53 cents. I'm not sure how many people will complain about .53 but if they are overcharging everyone .53 that's a lot of money they are pocketing. Can anyone tell me why they would put one price on the menu and charge me another when I get to door #1. The same thing happened to me at KFC a few weeks ago. IT said 1.99 on the menu and they charged me 2.49 at the window. Maybe KFC and McDonalds have a 50 cent conspiracy against me!


Originally posted February 17, 2009

So, I found out today that one of my favorite teachers from High School and Jr. High passed away today. He was kind of a pain in the ass, but when you are constantly being harassed by 13-17 year-old... who wouldn't be? We teased the man relentlessly and our scienceclass dubbed him Melvin... to this day I don't know if that was his real middle name. I can say that he taught me a lot of things. He was there when I first decided I wanted nothing to do with the health field when I started disecting a worm (the first project) He moderated our group therepy sessions. We talked about a lot of really sensitive subjects and he encouraged me to live up to my potential. I was going through a really hard time with my health and nearly everyday he would ask me how I was doing and praised my accomplishments.
It makes me think of people who come and go, why things happen, and to whom they happen to... this was a day just like everyother day for me and for him. We both got up and got ready like we do everyday... we both got into our cars and headed to school just like we do every other day but I made it to school and he didn't. That could have just as easily been me, my husband, my mom, my proffessor, my neighbor... anyone. Makes you think huh?
I think about the 10 minutes prior to Kaleb's birth. I was all smiles. Everything was going perfect and in a matter of minutes I almost lost my baby and could have potentially lost my life. 10 minutes. I wonder if that were my last 10 minutes on this earth what I would have done... would you want to know the end is coming or leave suddenly. Would there be any unanswered questions, unfinished business, things left unsaid? It's sad that something like this make me think of being a better mother, daughter, wife, and friend...

Hate Songs and Aspirations for my life!

Originally posted January 29,2009

My Freshman year at ISU (not that I went to any onther college, but...) I had a great boyfriend... I did some bad things and I screwed it up, but everything worked out in the end but he told me one day that the Puddle of Mudd song "She ... Hates Me" made him think of me" Which leads me right in to my next point. Hate songs... I was inspired by this young man whom I had tore out his heart... Who ever had inspired that song did A LOT of damage to the writer. She got under his skin SO bad that he just HAD to write a hit hate song. I have expressed this desire to many ex-boyfriends and most of them have given me some version of "I would never give you the pleasure of knowing that you got under my skin so bad by writing a hate song about you... I would write a love song..." SUCKERS! So I have not had the luxury of having a hit hate song written about me yet but every once in awhile songs get popular that are hate songs... here are a few of my favorites

She Hates Me- Puddle of Mudd
I Don't Want You Back - Eamon

and now my new love

Gives You HELL - All American Rejects
The video is pretty funny but I think that it should ahve taken the hate song approach... between a girlfriend and such, but still a pretty funny vid.

So... comment and add YOUR fav hate song!